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Refund Policy

For Coaching Services

Refund Policy for coaching services is discussed with potential clients prior to the start of the agreement time period

For Merchandise

All payment, shipping, and refund transactions for merchandise occur through the third-party marketplace facilitator through which the item was purchased.  Health Takes Root LLC is not responsible for the condition of purchased items, payment transactions, refunds or exchanges, cancellations of orders, or any shipping issues that may arise as a result of the purchase from the marketplace facilitator.  Health Takes Root LLC is also not responsible for tracking orders.  The buyer recognizes that Health Takes Root LLC is free from responsibility, harm, and liability for any purchases made by the buyer. For any questions regarding purchases of merchandise please contact the marketplace facilitator directly.  Further, please refer to the marketplace facilitator for any and all information regarding the status and tracking of orders.

Updated:  September 27, 2021

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