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Let Good Health Take Root

Welcome to my website, and to the first of what I hope will be many featured articles.  My coaching philosophy is built around the idea of four basic pillars of health.  They are physical activity, stress management, sleep hygiene, and what we eat.  Of all of the factors that can affect our health, these are the main four that we all have the most control over.  As a health coach my job is to support my clients in defining and achieving their goals in a way that fits within their lifestyle.  There are any number of health outcomes that are directly affected by any combination of these four components, and my job is to help people figure out where they want to focus their attention, and then support them in getting there.  Sometimes my job is to provide a little education to help correct misconceptions, clear up confusion, or provide information that was previously unknown.  In these articles I will attempt to do just that.  In each article I hope to explore more of why these pillars of health are important, and to share ideas of how to improve or incorporate healthy habits into different aspects of your life.  Some articles may just skim the surface, and others may dive deeper, but I promise to always give the best information that I can, and I hope to provide information and ideas that will help along the way!  Take this journey with me, and let good health take root! 



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